Why get help?

Finding a supplier is difficult. Communicating with the supplier is more difficult. We do both for you.

We will help you find a supplier in Taiwan for your project. Our favorite place to look is TAITRA. They have premium supplier listings at taiwantrade.com, but being in Asia, we can walk into TAITRA’s office, sit down, ask questions, and find all the rest of their suppliers and expos not listed online. That’s just the beginning.

We represent you and your product on the ground, going to the supplier’s location, and walking your product all the way through its process to shipping. This way, you don’t need to fly across the Pacific or get up at 2 a.m. to talk to a sales rep who can’t understand your English.

Unlike many agents, will give you all the contact information for the supplier because we know that you want our help. When you pay the supplier, you have the option to send the money to our American bank account rather than making a SWIFT wire. As long as you don’t give us too much hassle, our commission rate is about 2-3% of the supplier’s total bill.